• IBRAHIM BENTCHIKOU Intelligent Systems Laboratory (LESI) of the University of Khemis Miliana, Ain Defla
  • KHALED HALBAOUI Centre de Recherche Nucleaire de Birine Ain oussera,Laboratoire d'Electronique de Puissance & Commande
  • FARES BOUDJEMA Laboratory of Process Control, National Polytechnic School, ENP
  • DJAMEL BOUKHETALA Laboratory of Process Control, National Polytechnic School, ENP
  • TLEMÇANI ABDELHALIM Research Laboratory in Electrical Engineering and Automatic (LREA). Medea


Hybrid control, Floating condensers, Multicellular converter


In this article, we present an alternative of hybrid control, where we choose as an actuator, the DC motor controlled by a multi-cellular converter. For this, a switching control for the multi-cellular converter is established, to provide the proper reference value for the regulation of the speed by using the Petri nets. We consider a converter with three cells which is represented as a hybrid system with eight modes of operation. The operation modes of the system are governed by the adjustable reference voltage and a reference speed, which are calculated by means of an energy balance principle. Simulation results are given in order to illustrate the performance of such a method. To show the validity of our approach, a practical implementation based on  Spartan 3E FPGA resulted.


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