The journal publishes original papers in English, French, German, and Russian, representing research on power economy, electrical power, electrical engineering, electronics, information transmission, computers, control systems in electrical power, thermopower, thermomechanics, bio-medical engineering, and connected problems. It reflects especially the fundamental and experimental research activity in power and communications of our country, papers presented at international conferences held in Romania, as well as the contributions of some specialists from abroad. A special part is assigned to reviewing the most relevant books, appearing in Romania and from abroad. The papers published are of a high level of the modern sciences and technique and represent original contributions to the development of contemporary power sciences. All manuscripts are strictly refereed and only papers of high quality, original, and with the application of the results, are accepted for publication. Through its topics, Revue is of concern to the specialists working in research and education, the candidates for a doctoral degree, and the students in their senior years.

    Revue Roumaine des Sciences Techniques, Série Électrotechnique et Énergétique is a journal of the Romanian Academy, the Engineering Section

  • 14th CONSTRUCTAL LAW CONFERENCE | 10-11 October 2024, Bucharest, Romania

    Design in Nature and Evolution

    The Constructal Law governs the phenomena of design and evolution in nature. The conference explores the unifying power of the Constructal Law and its applications in all the domains of design generation and evolution, from biology and geophysics to social organization, energy sustainability, and security. The conference also covers the Second Law and how the Constructal Law fits in Thermodynamics. The Constructal Law and the Second Law are self-standing as first principles. Together, they empower science much more than the Second Law alone. 


    APME promotes new achievements in research, education, production, applications, information, and creative ideas with reference to the development of the field and the analysis of global trends.

    APME topics include electrical machines of all types, electric drives, electrical equipment, and their applications:
       - design, development of new types and/or product families, new design methods;
       - mathematical modeling, numerical simulation;
       - constructive solutions and modern technologies for high-performance machines;
       - electric machines with high energy efficiency;
       - electric machines for the conversion of renewable energies;
       - electric traction;
       - high-performance systems for operating electric machines;
       - management of electrical and energy network systems;
       - materials used in the construction of electric cars; high-performance insulation systems;
       - new methods of experimental tests and certification of the quality of electrical products;
       - maintenance, diagnosis, monitoring, product life management;
       - products with superior energy and ergonomic characteristics;
       - standardization in the field and European harmonization;
       - institutional aspects regarding the certification in the field.

    The printed version of the Journal is archived by the Central Library of the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, the National Library of Romania, the Metropolitan Library of Bucharest, and the Journal Secretariat.

    APME Since 2005
    Format: print and electronic
    ISSN / ISSN-L: 1843-5912
    Number of issues/year: 1